Make-up artist education

with Beauty, Fashion, Film and Advance Makeup Theory as well as Show & Theater Makeup

If you have the dream of becoming a make-up artist, then you can now secure a place on our make-up artist education in Copenhagen. Here you will learn the many different techniques to master as a professional make-up artist. The school has more than 24 years of experience and our teachers are very professional to learn from them and give you all the best tools to get a top professional training as an international make-up artist with many job opportunities.

As a make-up artist, you need to be able to apply many different types of make-up. As well as learning how to apply beauty make-up, find the right colours or how to correct with shadows and highlights, you will also go through training modules that teach you techniques for applying make-up for fashion, film, TV and theatre, events and more.

Module 1

The beauty make-up module where you theoretically and practically learn all about all the many different types of make-up that a professional make-up artist must be able to master. You will gain a basic knowledge of how to lay a good base for a make-up that will last a long time, whether it should look beautiful and natural, or whether it should highlight or change character with highlight and shadow and powerful pigments.

PRICE: 16.000,- kr.

Are all beauty make-up(day,- evening, gala, trend make-up etc. last 1-3 months on day or evening classes.

Module 2

The make-up of the historical time period and the many style icons have been used for many hundreds of years, and as a make-up artist it is important that you know the history, and are able to apply make-up from different historical eras as the style of the time. The many actors are often used in historical films and TV series, but also as a dispute or reinterpretation in a contemporary trend make-up .

PRICE: 14.000,- kr.
Are the great historical film make-up(Cleopatra, Baroque, 1940s make-up, etc.) last 1-2 months.

Module 3

Advance make-up theory is the third module, where we work with sketches and shadows to perform the creative face decorations such as classic Avantgarde make-up and with block eyebrows / texture and liner work. You learn how to make a Face Charts as well as the development of creative lashes for professional use in make-up pen. We also do Face paint, where it is possible to give the imagination free play as well as teaching camouflage and tattoos made in bold colors.

PRICE: 12.000,- kr.
Advance Makeup Theory (face chart and paint, tatoo, camouflage technique, Avantgarde etc.) lasts 1-2 months.

Module 4

The special effects module is learning about making the special effects needed in movies and TV productions. Once you have learned the techniques, you can make the actors look bruised and you can give them credible-looking marks, rips, wounds, burns, and even gunshot wounds. Once you have completed this module, you are ready to step into a movie set in any movie or TV production where special effects are needed.

PRICE: 13.000,- kr.
Is special effect with e.g. torn off fingers, burns, bullet holes, wounds and scars etc. which last 1 to 2 months.

Module 5

Advance Spfx make-up & mask production where we work with alginate mixtures, plaster, silicone, gelatin and latex, when we make the most amazing and imaginative mask castings for use in film, theater and TV productions. We receive a visit for two days from a film producer and special effect specialist, who teaches the students how to make plaster casts for whole and part masks in silicone.

PRICE: 2.500,- kr.

Is mask production where a face is cast in plaster, and masks, noses, chins, ears, horns, etc. are moulded for use in module 6 of the theatre part. Lasts 2 days / evenings.

Module 6

The Show & Theater make-up module is composed with inspiration from the major theaters and stages around the world. Here we work with sketches and shadows to perform body painting with and without airbrush. Strong colors and glitter are used when we make the huge flashy and beautiful Drag Queens. We work with Kryolan alco and fat colors when we make horns, noses, ears and make artificial beards and use many different wigs for e.g. Mephisto, Don Quixote and Geisha and Kabuki as well as performing people with Halloween make-up and more.
PRICE: 12.500,- kr.

Show & Theatre make-up for a.o. Mephisto, Dracula, Halloween, witches and Kabuki as well as airbrush bodypainting and Drag Quins. Lasts 1-2 months.

Modules 1-6 cost 70.000,- DKK in total and can be combined as needed with discounts. proof.

When contracting all 6 modules the price is 49.800 DKK(save 20.200 DKK) plus free hair styling course and Dinair airbrush course worth 11.300 DKK only when paying own materials totaling 5.200 DKK

Materials for the whole course cost 8.600,- DKK(value 12.000,- DKK)

Materials for modules 1 and 2 are DKK 6,000 ( value DKK 9,000 )

“In collaboration with Santander Consumer Bank, we offer that you can pay for your education for up to 4 years interest-free. Come to a personal interview and hear more”

It is possible to take individual modules of the make-up artist education both during the day and the evening team

Call and hear about the advantageous opportunity to take stylist and make-up artist combined on evening shifts. 33 16 17 00

If you dream of becoming a make-up artist, you can now secure a place on our creative and professional training programme in the centre of Copenhagen. Here you will learn the many different techniques to master as a professional make-up artist. Among other things, you will learn about different skin types, contouring and colour theory. As a professional make-up artist, you need to be able to apply many different types of make-up. Besides learning how to apply a light beauty make-up, find the right colors or how to work with shadows and highlights, you will also go through training modules that teach you the more advanced and creative techniques of applying make-up for shows, movies, TV and theater.

As a big part of the training, you learn to put everything from the natural make-up to the more extravagant gala and show make-up, where the strong colors and shades are in focus. As a make-up artist for photo shoots, it is also important to learn about the specific make-up technique for color and black and white images. In addition, you also learn about make-up for advertising and portrait photography.

When it comes to making special effects for movies, it is the make-up artist who makes the bloody wounds or the scary masks. Of course, you will also learn this at our make-up artist education. In this connection, you will come through a module where you learn to cast masks, which are also frequently used for film productions. Here we work with alginate mixtures, plaster, silicone and latex. There is thus ample opportunity to unfold your creative abilities in this particular field.

Read more about the different modules below and sign up for the education as a make-up artist. Finally, contact us if you have questions about our make-up education, the possibilities, and the course.

All modules ( except mask production ), end with a practical test exam, where you are assessed on your creativity and precision. These test grades will be included as an overall assessment of your year grade, combined with your professional development throughout the course. Grades are given according to the 7-point scale.

When you study at Art of Style and Make-up, you go through a carefully planned course, where theory and practical training are optimally combined. In this way, we ensure that you learn as much as possible about all the many facets of the subject. To become a skilled stylist and make-up artist, one must know a lot, but one must also have time to translate knowledge into practical experience.

In order for you to get the best job opportunities after graduation, the school is very helpful with training jobs during your education, so you get both practical experience and a unique network within TV, film, theater and the fashion and beauty industry.

You will receive both a Danish and an English diploma as well as an international diploma when you complete your education with us. Then you will have good opportunities to get an attractive job in this exciting industry both in Denmark and abroad. In addition, you will receive a diploma on the Dinair airbrush course and on the hair styling course as well as on the shellac nail course, as you will be offered to take these courses for free during your education, only with payment of your own materials.
To kickstart your career, we also register you in the school’s job directory so we can recommend you to potential employers. Paid jobs come in through the school on a regular basis, and here we focus on helping the newly trained stylist and make-up artist out into the many different types of work within the industry.

WE OFFER ½ PRICE for one of the educations if you want to become both a professional stylist and make-up artist, each with their own exciting, creative and professional curriculum.

We look forward to welcoming you to a personal meeting at Art of Style and Make-up at Kgs. Nytorv, where we will tell you much more about how we can help you to a brilliant career.

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Beauty Makeup

  • Skin types and the basis for a beautiful and long-lasting make-up
  • Product learning
  • contouring (Highlight and shadows)
  • Colour theory, psychological meaning of colours and language
  • Direction and coloring of lashes and eyebrows
  • Proper use and cleaning of brushes and accessories
  • Natural make-up with a focus on creating a healthy look
  • Day makeup (lightly beautifying on the model’s own features)
  • Application of artificial lashes and lashes
  • Business make-up (a sophisticated look that is a mix of day and evening makeup)
  • Evening make-up (stronger colours and beautiful highlights, which must be visible in the evening light)
  • Bridal make-up (romantic gentle colors and durability)
  • Galla make-up (elegance, precision, and glitter)
  • Older make-up ( make-up on a mature / wrinkled skin)
  • Photo make-up (colour and black and white) Photo series
  • Men’s Makeup /Grooming (natural make-up for men to use on TV and photos
  • Eyeglass make-up (basic rules for short- and long-sightedness)
  • Quick make-up (apply a nice make-up in 5-10 minutes
  • Smokey eyes with black / gray shadow that is toned correctly around the eye
  • Trend make-up with the different brands incl. visit of Mac regarding. latest trends in make-up
  • Ethnic make-up
  • Instagram make-up (heavy make-up but toned down in photos)
  • Cutcrease make-up (a sharp eye makeup “cut” slightly above the eyeball line, but follows the shape of the eye up like a wing)
  • Manicure and shellac
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Historical Film make-up

The history of cosmetics. Review and structure with make-up for the many style icons, as historical or reinterpretation over the last thousand years such as:

  • Cleopatra (51BC-30BC)
  • The Renaissance (1536-1660 AD)
  • Baroque (1600-1730 AD)
  • Charleston (1920s)
  • Greta Garbo/ Malene Dietrich (1930-40s)
  • Marilyn Monroe (1950s)
  • Brigitte Bardot (1960s)
  • Twiggy (1960s-70s)
  • Luxury Punk (1970s)
  • Trend make-up in the 1980s 1990s
  • Kim Kardashian make-up 2010/2020

Basic principles in the meaning of scene / film technique for make-up via light, distance, shadow and the like. Monthly test in historical make-up in total look.

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Advance Makeup Theory

Here we work with sketches and imagination to execute face charts and face paint. We do face painting on children, where there is an opportunity to play with the creative expression. Classic avant-garde make-up and with blocked brows/textures, as well as liner work camouflage and tattoos.

  • Classic Avantgarde make-up
  • Avant-garde make-up with blocked brows/texture
  • Avant-garde make-up with liner work
  • Face Chart
  • Fantasy make-up
  • Science fiction make-up
  • Facepaint (tiger, mouse, dog, cat…..)
  • Camouflage technique for covering birthmarks, scars and the like
  • Tattoos using grease colors and the technique for long durability
  • Working with airbrush
  • Monthly test in Advance Makeup theory make-up

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Special Effect Makeup

Here you will learn how to create the special effects needed in film and TV productions. Once you have learned the techniques, you can make the actors look bruised and you can give them credible-looking marks, rips, wounds, burns, and even gunshot wounds.

We use wax, silicone, latex and theatre blood to conjure up realistic-looking effects, and it’s even possible to fake herpes outbreaks, fake moles and scars, bruises, bite and scratch marks and many other effects.
In this module you will learn how to repair a torn finger, arm, wrist, nose and brow. You’ll be able to equip actors with frostbite, burns, shin splints, severed wrists, nail/glass cuts/splinters in the skin, sprains and abrasions.

Once you’ve completed Model 4, you’re more than ready to step onto the set of any film or TV production where special effects construction is needed.

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Advance Spfx. make-up and mask production

In this module we continue working with special effects – and now the focus is on the masks. Here we work with alginate mixtures, plaster, silicone, gelatine and latex to create the most amazing and imaginative mask casts for use in film, theatre and TV productions.

A professional film make-up artist teaches us how to make plaster casts for full and partial silicone masks. The result is beautiful and realistic masks like those used in e.g. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. This module offers plenty of opportunity to develop your creative skills. You will learn all the basic techniques and become proficient in making stitches and loops.


  • Mask production
  • Casting of face
  • Prosthetics moulded in silicone and gelatine, such as a raised boxer’s eye and a crooked nose.
  • Latex chins, ears, horns and noses
  • Mask painting of whole and individual castings
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Show & Theatre Makeup

On stage we see the big make-upwith body decoration, and here we work with sketches and shadows to execute body painting with and without airbrush. And we make the beautiful Drag Quinns with powerful and colorful execution and techniques in Showmakeup. In theatre make-up we work with fat colours, highlights and shadows for all kinds of ageing, and we make horns, noses, chins. Beards are made for a.o. Don Quixote, witches and goblins and an insight into the main roles in the Pantomime Theatre.

The syllabus gives a good description of all the characteristic show and theatre characters we will get acquainted with. Here under among others:

  • Classic theatre make-up
  • Halloween Makeup looks
  • Mephisto (with nose and horn)
  • Dracula
  • Don Quixote (ageing and bearding).
  • Witch (with latex nose and chin).
  • Geisha and Kabuki
  • Bodypainting
  • drag queens
  • show make-up

Day classes scheduled teaching:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 09:00 to 15:00

Preparation: approx. 6 hours per week

Team start: October 3, 2022 to March 22, 2023

(holiday week 52)

Evening classes scheduled classes:

Monday and Thursday at 16.00 to 21.00.

Preparation: about 4 hours per week.

Next team start: 2. March to 18 December 2023.

(Holidays in weeks 29, 30 and 31 and week 42)

For REGISTRATION for a call call 33161700 or write an email.

Professional Makeup artist training 49.800,- for all 6 modules.

Save 31.500 DKK incl. hair and airbrush course.

  • DKK 6,000 is paid in advance when booking a place.
  • The monthly fee is DKK 3,982 for evening classes for 11 months and DKK 7,375 for day classes for 6 months.
  • For cash payment, a discount of DKK 1,500 is given.

Materials: 8.600,- kr. ( value for more than 12.000 kr.) to be paid before school starts. The materials include products from MAC Cosmetics and the professional brand Inglot Makeup, a stylish make-up bag as well as professional brushes and materials for special effects, Advance make-up theory, show 6 theatre modules.

The training price includes the hair styling course, which must be completed before the end of the training(10 Wednesday evenings of 4 hours).Self-payment of materials for the hair course 2.500,- DKK(value 8.800 DKK)

Dinair airbrush course is free during the training, only with a co-payment of starter kit with airbrush machine and colors DKK 2,700(value DKK 7,900)

“In collaboration with Santander Consumer Bank, we offer that you can pay for your education for up to 4 years interest-free. Come to a personal interview and hear more”