Makeup course of 10 weeks

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If you have a make-up artist hidden in your stomach, and you want to be able to do the beautiful and colorful make-up per, then our exciting 10-week make-up course is just for you. Located on Kgs. Nytorv, in the heart of Copenhagen, we teach the art of putting on a beautiful and professional make-up. We make a virtue out of keeping up to date on current trends and these are some of the subject’s most talented professionals you get as teachers.

The teaching includes, among other things, the study of morphology or morphology, where you learn about face shapes and bone structure, and how you as a make-up artist can benefit from this knowledge.

Of course, the course also includes an element on color theory, where you will be taught the composition of colors, the meaning of contrasting colors and not least, you will also learn to master the use of cold and warm colors.

Our make-up course prepares you well for many different situations, where the make-up pen must be adapted to the circumstances. During the ten weeks, you will learn, among other things, how to adapt a make-up -up to daylight and of course also to evening use, where the strong colors and fades become more prevalent. In addition, there are many other exciting themes like bridal make-up , gala make-up and trend make-up as well as much more.

Get a super ballast and a broad updated knowledge of the many technical details one must be able to perform as a professional make-up artist. You will get to work with the professional make-upfrom Mac cosmetics and Inglot Makeup on our make-up course.


The doctrine of facial shapes and bone structure. Face, eyes, nose, lips and brows are corrected with highlights and shadows.

Colour theory and product theory

How colors are composed and how they are used. Work with contrasting colours and learn to master cold and warm colours as well as knowledge of products in beauty make-up.

Natural and Day Makeup

The doctrine of coloring for daylight. Natural and finely toned shades with a nice and radiant complexion.

Bridal Makeup

Romantic gentle colors and durability. Makeup that i.a. must be adapted to the bride’s dress and hair.

Evening Makeup

Bright colors and beautiful fades for evening lighting. Learn to make the strong shades lie perfectly and make a good correction.

Gala/Event Makeup

Elegance, precision and glitter. A gala make-up must be adapted to the dress’s glamorous and festive atmosphere.

Mens Makeup/Grooming

Natural make-up for men to use on TV and photo.

Older Makeup

Makeup on a mature / wrinkled skin. Use of morphology and colors that make the older skin look fresh and fine.

Smokey Eyes

Powerful eye make-up . Often made with black and gray tones.

Trend Makeup

Mature is changing fast, what’s in now? Here, make-up is applied with great inspiration from today’s fashion magazines.

Last day ends with a sample in one of the above make-up per. After this you will receive a course certificate.

Makeup course 10 weeks

10 week (40 hours) Makeup course in beautiful make-up

Thursday from 17:00 to 21:00

New team: no new date

Price for 10 weeks make-up course DKK 14,800.

Incl. Makeup suitcase for approx. DKK 4,000 which contains professional brushes and products from the Scandinavian professional brand Inglot Makeup.

When registering for a hair course and make-up course, which is in the same period, you will get them with a discount of DKK 1,500 at a total price of DKK 22,100.

Normal price: (8,800 + 14,800 = DKK 23,600)

“In collaboration with Santander Consumer Bank, we offer that you can pay for your education for up to 4 years interest-free. Come to a personal interview and hear more!”

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10 weeks Make-up course in English





Do you want to work in the professional make-up industry? Our 10-week makeup course provides you with the skills you need to master in order to work with all kinds of beauty makeup.


At our school on Kongens Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen our teachers, who are some of the most highly qualified people in the industry, will teach you all the techniques and principles of the trade. Our teachers are all educated and work as professional make-up artists which means that they have hands-on experience, and make it a point to stay on top of the latest trends.

The course is ideal for beginners as well as beauticians, hairdressers, photographers and others who wish to broaden their skill set.


The course covers color theory, morphology and all the different make-up looks described below.


We are able to offer our students the opportunity to work with make-up products from the professional brand Mac cosmetics and Inglot Makeup. The course fee includes professional brushes and products from the professional brand Mac and Inglot Makeup for about 5.000 kr.

At the end of the course you will be tested in one of the make-up looks you have learned to master, and you will receive a certificate.


You will learn about morphology. The knowledge of face shapes and bone structure is a valuable tool and you will learn the art of highlighting and contouring.

Colour theory and knowing about beauty products

Learn how to combine colors, how to use contrasting colors and not least, how to master the use of cool and warm colors.

Fashion Make-up

Fashion changes constantly, what is in style right now? You will learn how to create makeup looks inspired by the current fashion magazines.

Mens Make-up/Grooming

You will learn how to apply a naturlal make-up for men for tv and photos.

Natural and Day look

You will learn how to create a day look using soft, muted shades and how to achieve a perfect radiant complexion.

Bridal Make-up

Learn how to apply a durable make-up in romantic, soft colors that complements the wedding dress and the hairstyle.

Evening look

You will learn how to apply and blend bright, bold colors perfectly and work with contouring and highlighting techniques.

Gala/Event Make-up

Gala is synonymous with elegance, precision and glitter. You will learn how to apply a stunning make-up to complement a glamorous dress.

Make-up for older women

You will learn how to apply makeup on mature skin with lines, and how to use colors to make the complexion healthy and fresher looking.


Smokey eyes

Black and gray colors around the eyes.

Makeup course 10 weeks

10 weeks (40 hours) make-up course


Thursdays at 5am to 9pm

Danish people are also welcome on this course, they can choose between a Danish or English version of the final graduation certificate.

Course price for 10 weeks 14.800, – Dkr.

The course fee includes a professional make-up products from the brand MAC and Inglot Makeup worth 4.000,- kr.

“In partnership with Santander Consumer Bank offers we suggest that you can pay off your education up to 4 years free of interest. Come for a personal interview to hear more”