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Art of Style and Makeup is located in beautiful premises in the middle of Copenhagen

Here, some of the subject’s skilled professionals teach, who in addition to working as teachers also work actively in the industry. In this way, we ensure that our educators are always up to date with the latest trends and tendencies.
At the school, the framework is optimal and the teaching is professional, so here the students get the optimal opportunities to develop and refine their abilities and techniques.

Copenhagen city center is an eternal source of inspiration

And we make daily use of the city’s many facilities for pictures of the beautiful ready-made makeup and the total styling. We collaborate with many talented photographers, musicians, design schools, modeling agencies, makeup and skin care companies as well as the TV and film industry, so that our students have the opportunity to test their new knowledge in practice.

Our students participate in tasks related to TV, movies, music videos, fashion shows, and events, where they are allowed to be in charge of styling and makeup. It gives them both invaluable opportunities for practical experience as well as a large network within the industry that makes it easier for them to find the dream job after graduation.

The school’s teachers are all professional and well-educated in each of their subject areas, and they go to great lengths to offer our students the right challenges, so that their potential is developed optimally.

Linda Christensen, director and owner of Art of Style and Makeup

Linda Christensen is the woman behind Art of Style and Makeup. She is also a trained cosmetologist and professional makeup artist.

She has taught and managed the makeup artist school, Art of Makeup, which she acquired in 1999, and has later provided the school with a professional stylist education. In this connection, the name of the school was extended to Art of Style and Makeup.

Today, Linda Christensen acts as the school’s study advisor and handles all administrative work, including the schedule planning and coordination of the many jobs and events, the students and the newly trained stylists and makeup artists take part in.



Art of Style and Makeup

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