At Art of Style and Make-up at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen you get the best and most meaningful education as an international stylist and make-up artist

  • You get a broad international education as a professional stylist and make-up artist with an international diploma
  • We put together your education according to your career dreams
  • You get the basic tools like make-up artist and stylist
  • You choose what you specialize in and what opportunities open up for you after this
  • You can also become a hair stylist and expand your knowledge of airbrush techniques. You get both courses for FREE when you take either the make-up or stylist education.
  • You can get your education in installments all the way down to DKK 1,630 per. month
  • Choose your future at “Art of Style and Make-up” and book a personal meeting at the stylist and make-up school

Art of Style and Make-up has a wide range of creative and professional modules, so you can help put together your education with us. It makes your future career more focused, and the more you have learned, the more the industry opens up for you to work with many different skills in fashion shows, commercials, TV, theater performances, film productions, photoshoots, music videos, concerts and other events where appearance is crucial.

With us, you get a practically based and very broad-spectrum education, where you already during the education have the opportunity to work professionally with styling and make-up both in Denmark and internationally.

We have more than 20 years of experience in training the country’s best and most qualified stylists and make-up artists.
Our techniques, practical experience and great product knowledge are ultimately what makes you a better stylist and make-up artist.

We never compromise on quality either in teaching or in our choice of products. We use the professional brand’s MAC Cosmetics and Inglot Make-up. The school’s skilled teachers all have extensive experience from the industry, and stay constantly updated within the development of products and new trends in the vibrant, creative beauty industry and are part of the team that we send out to the many different jobs within major events, TV programs, films, etc. In this way, you are guaranteed professional and qualified training from skilled stylists and make-up artists, who each have their index finger firmly planted on the strongest pulse in their particular field.

Already while you are in training, you get the opportunity to take an active part in styling, hair set-up, and make-up prior to a number of different events, so you always have the opportunity to try out and refine the techniques you are taught at school. When you try your hand at the real tasks, you also get a lot of valuable contacts that make it much easier for you to get an attractive job as soon as your diploma is in-house.

Make-up artist

If you have the dream of becoming a make-up artist, then you can now secure a place on our make-up artist education in Copenhagen. Here you will learn the many different techniques to master as a professional make-up artist. The school has more than 20 years of experience, and our teacher is very professional to learn from and give you all the best tools so that you get a top professional education as an international make-up artist with many job opportunities.

As a make-up artist, you need to be able to apply many different types of make-up. In addition to learning how to apply beautiful make-up, finding the right colors or how to correct, you will also go through training modules that teach you techniques for applying make-up to fashion, movies, TV and theater, events, etc.

Module 1

Wonderful make-up module, where you learn everything there is to know about all the different types of make-up. You will gain a basic knowledge of how to lay a good base for make-up that will last a long time, whether it should look beautiful and natural, or whether it should highlight or change character with shades and strong color shades.

Module 2

Historical make-up has been used for many hundreds of years, and as a make-up artist, it is important that you know the history and are able to apply make-up from different historical eras. They are often used in movies and TV, but also as a dispute in a contemporary trend make-up.

Module 3

In the third module, we work with sketches and shadows to perform body painting with and without airbrushes. We also do face painting, where it is possible to give the imagination free rein. In this module, you will also learn about camouflage and tattoos made in bold colors as well as avant-garde make-up with great inspiration from fashion and imagination.

Module 4

The special effects module is learning about making the special effects needed in movies and TV productions. Once you have learned the techniques, you can make the actors look bruised and you can give them credible-looking marks, rips, wounds, burns, and even gunshot wounds. Once you have completed this module, you are ready to step into a movie set in any movie or TV production where special effects are needed.

Module 5

Mask production where we work with alginate mixtures, plaster, silicone, gelatin, and latex, when we make the most fantastic and imaginative mask castings for use in film, theater, and TV productions. We receive a visit for two days from a film producer and special effect specialist, who teaches the students how to make plaster casts for whole and part masks in silicone.

Module 6

The theater make-up module is composed with inspiration from the major theaters around the world. Here we work with Kryolan alco and fat colors, and we make horns, noses, ears, and beards and use many different wigs e.g. Mephisto, Dracula, and Don Quixote as well as performing characters such as witches, trolls, clowns, and others.


The stylist and make-up education is a broad education that gives students insight and knowledge about the stylist’s many diverse functions. In the stylist education , you learn both about styling as a whole, where make-up , hair and clothes go up in a higher unit, but also about the different areas where very specific requirements are often made for a stylist.

These are areas such as advertising, film, and television as well as photo shoots that the stylist and make-up artist education equips you to handle.

Module 1

Styling in advertising and marketing as well as image processing, color psychology, styling with accessories, briefing, layout, materials science, draping, body language, and personal styling. The learning about everything within social media, and setting up your own blog.

Module 2

We go in depth with the concept of trend and fashion. Here you learn about trend understanding, following fashion, trend spotting and being trend-setting yourself. There is a focus on both the Danish and foreign fashion designers as well as knowledge of the many fashion magazines.

Module 3

The historical element forms an interesting foundation in a stylist’s work, because it is with the historical knowledge in the background that one can develop new, exciting trends and reproduce certain moods. Historical styling is often seen in movies and on TV. as well as for large events.

Module 4

This module is about styling for live media, such as film, television, and theater. Here we focus on the complete styling, avant-garde styling, and being artistically creative. The stylist’s work with an artist on tour´ and up to a concert as well as to the big fashion shows.

Hair course

Whether you have a dream of becoming a hair stylist or just want to refresh your skills, our hair courses are a great idea. We work professionally with hair styling, and you learn a lot about working creatively, coming up with new ideas and further developing your professional skills.

Basic hair styling course of 10 weeks

Whether you have a dream of becoming a stylist or just want to refresh your skills, our 10-week hair course is a great idea. We work professionally with hairstyling and you learn a lot about working creatively, coming up with new ideas and further developing your professional skills.

Prof. udv. hair styling course, 8 weeks

Extended hair styling course for you who are either a trained hairdresser or have completed the basic hair course.
In this course, the slightly more difficult techniques within long-hair setup and blow-drying technique are taught.

10-week make-up course, Danish

Do you have a make-up artist hidden in your stomach, and do you want to be able to make them look beautiful and colorful
make-up, then our exciting 10-week make-up course is just for you. Located at Kgs. Nytorv, in the heart of Copenhagen, we teach the art of putting on a beautiful and professional make-up.

We make a virtue out of keeping up to date on current trends, and these are some of the subject’s absolutely most skilled professionals you get as teachers.

10-week make-up course, English

Do you want to work in the professional make-up industry? Our 10-week make-up course provides you with the skills you need to master to work with all kinds of beauty make-up.

The course covers morphology and how to use color theory in all the different make-up looks described in the link below.

Dinair Airbrush course

Airbrush course

The course is aimed at you who want to learn the basic techniques, as well as you who know the airbrush but want a broader experience. We use skilled make-up artists who teach Dinair’s products, and after the course, you will be a certified Art of Style and Make-up airbrush make-up artist.