Basic hairstyling in 10 weeks

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Whether you have a dream of becoming a stylist or just want to refresh your skills, our 10 weeks hair course is a great idea to invest your time in. We work professionally with hair styling and you are taught a lot about working creatively, coming up with new ideas and further developing your professional skills.

With a professional hair course, you get a lot of tools and skills to put in the backpack that you can use, regardless of whether you work as a makeup artist or hair stylist.

In our hair course you learn about face shapes, which provides valuable knowledge when it comes to hair sets, as the location of the hair filling is very much related to people’s face shape.

In addition, you will also learn a lot about the different hair products and tools we use for hair styling.

One of the classic disciplines in hair styling and hair styling is of course bridal hair

Therefore, we naturally have a strong focus on setting up bridal hair. You will learn braiding techniques and twists, curls, snake curls and much more that can form part of a beautiful and romantic bridal hair set.

Sign up for our hair course today and learn how to put beautiful hair for future brides. In the 10 weeks you will also be taught about historical hairstyles and how waves and crepe hair were the inspiration for hairstyles back in for example the 1940s.

In addition, we are also looking ahead during the course with updated and modern hairstyles, and how the many trends affect hairstyle fashion. At the end of this hair course, we perform hair styling for larger and smaller fashion shows, so you really get to test your skills.

Read more about the different elements of the course and sign up for this exciting hair course below.


Hairdressing course for everyone who likes to work creatively, design ideas and an incredibly good supplement to the Stylist and Makeup artist education.

Exciting hairdos with the development of creativity and skills in contemporary and historical fashion hairstyles.

During the course, you can expect the following to be reviewed:


Where should the hair filling sit as well as preparation of the hair before setting up.


Work with different hair products and use curlers, curling irons, styling irons etc.

Historical hairstyles

Waves and crepe hair with setups and hairstyles from for example 1940s.

Bridal hair

Romantic settings with braiding technique and twists among others. Classic bridal hairstyles and new trend bridal hair setups. Party and gala hair. Larger or smaller setups with curls, snake curls, toupee-ing of the hair as well as the use of hawks and attachment of hairpins.

Trend hairstyles

Up to date hair with inspiration from div. fashion magazines and photo hairstyles. Hair styling for larger and smaller fashion shows.

The last day ends with a test in hair set-up and you will receive a course certificate.

Basic hair course

10 weeks (40 hours) professional hairdressing course basis

Wednesdays from 16.00 til 20.00

Next course start: Pending


Price for 10 weeks haircourse 8.800,- kr.

Price for 10 x hair course DKK 8,800. Incl. materials for DKK 2,500. When registering for a hair course and makeup course, which is in the same period, you will receive a discount of DKK 1,500, at a total price of DKK 22,100.

Normal price: (8.800 + 14.800 = 23.600,- kr.)